What is Solution Focused Therapy?

August 26, 2021 6:11 pm


The use of a goal-oriented process of psychotherapy is called solution-focused therapy, and it is an approach that involves the use of structured questions to explore underlying issues and patterns, drawing on the client’s responses as a guide to understanding the client’s problem. These questions allow the therapist to focus on the problematic emotions or thoughts without becoming bogged down in irrelevant, time-consuming peripheral issues. This helps the therapist to avoid becoming sidetracked and allows time for the client to recover. In essence, the goal of this therapy is to help the client discover the emotional triggers that cause their emotional problems, and then help those triggers be changed to reduce and/or eliminate the emotional pain.

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This kind of therapy takes into account how the client’s thought processes and reactions to situations both contribute to and reinforce emotional pain and suffering, and how these reactions affect the effectiveness of the therapeutic relationship. The aim is to discover the root cause of the problem rather than treating the symptom, which is often related to the emotional expression of the symptom. This results in a more rounded therapy, one that treats not only the symptoms of the illness, but also the emotional pain that the patient is experiencing. For Solution Focused Therapy, go to https://www.brief.org.uk/therapy-and-coaching/what-happens-in-solution-focused-counselling

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These types of questions force the client to reevaluate their responses to the problem at hand and in doing so, they may find new ways of viewing the situation that result in more productive and healthy outcomes.