The ultimate car needs the ultimate security

August 10, 2020 5:34 pm


If you ever want a car then the Knight Industry Two Thousand is the one for you! Ok, it may well actually only be a tricked out Pontiac Firebird but KITT is surely one of the greatest cars ever made. Virtual indestructible, equipped with a turbo boost that makes the drive pull G force, fitted with a fingerprint id system and bullet proof glass it’s an incredible piece of engineering. I didn’t envenmention the fact that the car features a computer system that runs the entire thing if you get bored of driving it and will happily chat away to you offering you advice on how to complete the secret mission you are on.

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Yes, you might have figured out that I am writing about the fictional car in Knight Rider. A classic example of 1980’s hokum from the great Glen A Larson, the show features the adventures of a ex Police man who takes on a new identity to fight crime and those that operate “above the law”. KITT is his noble steed as he travels the length and breath of the USA stopping organised crime bosses, evil scientists and, most memorably, a Dojo of Ninjas. Luckily for Michael Knight there is usually a pretty daughter/female Detective/office worker caught up in the whole thing that he can rescue (in between flirting with KITTs technician Bonnie Bairstow).

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You can bet that KITT would have liked to have had a Ghost Immobiliser fitted. That way no one would have been able to get anywhere with him.