The health benefits of camping for mind, body and soul

August 25, 2020 4:47 pm

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The great outdoors offers many health benefits that are free and can be enjoyed by the whole family. Fresh air can relieve stress and promote better sleep, so there is no better time to round up the family for an enjoyable break before the winter kicks in. Regardless of the weather, you can take time out from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and gather up the tent for some quality time together.

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Camping means more exercise for the family

Camping enables families to bring along their pets. If you are lucky enough to own a dog, it is easy to turn the fun into an outdoor active holiday. Visit parks, forests or outdoor trails with your dog and your heart will thank you, as all the walking and hiking will boost your metabolism and power up your muscles. No doubt your dog will also enjoy the exercise.

Get your dose of vitamin D

Your body needs a good dose of vitamin D. As it doesn’t produce it naturally, a camping trip is ideal -and even better when the suns shines. Walking, running and mountaineering will deliver this essential vitamin.

Increase social and relaxation time

Parents enjoy a bit of downtime, away from the stress of the office, and there is the chance to make memories when the whole family gets together. This shared experience provides the perfect social time.

Now that lockdown measures have eased for many, it is time to get outside and enjoy a short break. When considering a camping shop Dublin has a great variety of stores that stock a wide variety of gear from jackets to footwear. When choosing a camping shop Dublin is the perfect location to start stocking up.

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Go green

Simply spending time in green open spaces can boost the brain and generate a sense of wellness. It can lift the mood and increase wellbeing. Add in the sun and you get an extra dose of vitamin D for your body.

Enjoy better sleep quality

At the end of a busy camping holiday, you will feel that it has been a rewarding break for both parents and children. Many people notice that they sleep better and fall into the habit of spending more quality time together rather than reaching for their mobile phone, which interferes with good sleep.