Why are Diamonds a Girl’s best Friend?

August 4, 2020 2:31 pm


Most Women Love a piece of Sparkly jewellery and having the chance to wear it to a special function where they can proudly show it off to friends and family makes them feel incredibly lucky and loved.  At the top of the most desired Gem list for any Woman has to be a Diamond, after all according to Marilyn Munroe, they are a girl’s best friend and this hard, naturally occurring material is often featured in Engagement and Eternity Rings.  To clean any raw freshly cut, precious Gem properly is a task for a professional and a Large Ultrasonic Cleaner provided by companies such as https://www.hilsonic.co.uk/ could be the ideal machine for this specialised job.

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Only four Stones in the World are classified as Precious Gemstones and these include; Diamonds, Blue Sapphires, Red Rubies and Green Emeralds.  The Blue Sapphire is the one of the most valuable of the precious gemstones as it is almost as hard as a Diamond, it belongs to the Corundum group of rock minerals like Rubies but it’s rare transparent quality and blue colour makes it highly coveted.  The Ruby is from the same Corundum mineral group as the Sapphire but is sourced from the red, transparent Corundum stone, which is rarer than both Diamonds and Blue Sapphires.

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The last of the four precious Gemstones is the Green Emerald which belongs to the Beryl Group of mineral stones. It’s unique, captivating colour makes it well sought after and much loved when encompassed in any piece of jewellery.