How To Ease Sciatic Pain

June 29, 2021 4:24 am


Back pain is one of the most common complaints and accounts for a huge amount of GP visits and missed hours at work. The purpose of this article is to cover a few of the most basic methods you can use to ease sciatica pain, and then explore some other options as well. Sufferers try many different treatments, including  rest, using hot and cold compresses, anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), and even surgery. It seems that sciatica pain can be notoriously hard to put an end to.

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An important thing to try is to improve posture. Basically, your back muscles are lengthened and relaxed a little at a time, until you reach a point where they’re completely relaxed. Obviously, this has the side-effect of making you arch your back! However, after about a month of doing this, sufferers report that their back pain wasn’t so bad any more.

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Exercise aimed specifically at strengthening the back are a good course of action. The best place to find advice about beneficial exercise is a physiotherapist. For more information on how Physio Monmouth can help, visit a site like Clinikind

Another way used to ease sciatica pain is to use heat and ice each day. Either cold or heat can help with reducing inflammation and can help you to relax your muscles and get better blood circulation going throughout your body. You can purchase heat/cold packs at your local pharmacy.