The Enduring Popularity of Dancing

August 11, 2021 4:07 pm


Something that has been a huge part of human culture since humans have existed is dancing. It is something that for many of us is a way to group together express ourselves and feel part of a family or tribal group. Nowadays, the crowds at festivals and in nightclubs speak for themselves about the popularity of dancing, and it shows the similarities that we share with our ancestors in this enduring activity.

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Of course, over the last year and a half as the pandemic wreaked havoc all over the world, most places have been having to have severe restrictions on movements and this has meant that the usual places where people would congregate to dance have been closed and group activities have been not allowed.

However, as we have seen things have started to open up once more and people are desperate to get back out there and enjoy dancing as we have seen the many images of busy nightclubs on the news as well as festivals like Latitude going ahead.

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For many people, leaving lockdown is also an opportunity to learn a new style of dancing – having missed it for so long, people are keen to come together once again and dance and classes like these salsa classes London are sure to be busy over the coming months as more and more people come out of lockdown and begin to embrace dancing once again.