Which Jeans Are Right for Your Body Shape?

September 6, 2021 3:11 pm


Jeans are the wardrobe staple that never goes out of fashion. Every man needs at least one good pair in his wardrobe. Dress them up with a blazer or wear them casually with a t-shirt – the possibilities are endless. But nowadays buying a new pair of jeans is tougher, with much more to think of than just colour or price tag. There are so many different cuts available. Follow this body shape guide to find the jeans that will make you feel stylish and comfortable.

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Men with a stockier and more muscular frame are likely to suit a pair of straight leg jeans. Equal width from top to bottom, these jeans are great for bigger legs and won’t look like they’ve been sprayed on. Muscular men should avoid skinny jeans, as they can make you appear bigger. Relaxed fit jeans can also be a good choice for muscular men thanks to the looser cut.


This body shape is well suited to most cuts, including the ever more popular skinny jean. Super-skinny jeans have a tapered ankle and are very figure-hugging, showing off a well-proportioned shape well. Athletic figures may be well suited to mens Tommy Hilfiger jeans, such as those available at EJ Menswear.

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One step away from the skinny jean is the slim fit – ideal for slender men. Men with a light build, or those who are athletic but not bulky, tend to fit these jeans best. Consider pairing them with a baggier top for balance.

Triangular Body Shape

Larger around the waist and hips but smaller up top? Try relaxed or classic-fit jeans. The looser cut of the relaxed fit will help to balance out your body. These jeans won’t hug your legs or your waist too tightly. It’s worth getting it right, as according to The Express, men spend £1,700 on jeans in their lifetime.

Inverted Triangle

Those with a bigger top half and smaller bottom half should try out loose-fit jeans. This roomier style will help balance out your body shape. Waistlines should be kept on the waist and not the hips to make these jeans work. Avoid an overly baggy top, as this will make you look bigger overall.