Updating your Home Without Spending a Fortune

August 21, 2021 5:04 am


As we have all spent so much time at home over the last eighteen months, our homes have had to put up with a lot more! For many of us, as we ease out of lockdown and go back to normal lives, we are thinking about making some changes to our homes and giving them the refresh that they are need of!

If you are planning on updating your home but don’t want to spend a fortune, here are a few ideas to effectively breathe new life into your rooms that don’t cost a fortune…

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Living Room – To make a big difference to your living room, you can really make some small changes for a big impact. One of the ways to create a striking new look is with lighting. Changing the lighting and also updating cushions and throws can really have a huge impact on the room.

Kitchen – The kitchen is a room that takes a lot of the brunt of daily life, but there are a few great ways to spruce the place up! Things like new toasters and kettles, as well as these downlight covers from Thermahood Direct can make a big difference.

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Bedroom – The bedroom should be a place to relax in, so the best thing that you can do in this room is to have a de-clutter. Making the room less cluttered is a good way to get your room to have a more relaxed vibe.