Storing clothes you no longer wear

August 23, 2021 1:19 pm


When it comes to sorting through your clothes collection you are bound to find some items that you no longer wear. This could be because they are seasonal or for special occasions or they could be inspiration pieces that you are keeping for when you lose a couple of pounds. What you don’t want is to have all of these items sitting in your wardrobe alongside the Ralph Lauren Menswear that you bought from EJ Menswear that you wear to work everyday. So here are a couple of tips to storing your clothing:

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Storage bags – you can find some great options when it comes to storage bags and vacuum seal bags are wonderful for getting your clothing shrunk down into a manageable size whilst still maintaining their freshness. You can then place these bags under the bed, in a cupboard or in the attic and know that your clothing will be there when you need it.

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Underbed storage – if you have a number of seasonal items that you want to keep out of your wardrobe but have to hand just in case you might want to consider underbed storage. This can come in the form of a divan bed that contains drawers underneath or you can buy bed drawers that come on wheels that can be easily pulled out from the bed when you need to access them.