How to Help your New Puppy Settle in

March 2, 2021 2:19 pm


Congratulations! If you are about to enter the fun, exhausting and ultimately rewarding world of dog ownership you are probably very excited and keen to make sure that everything goes well. You have probably been waiting excitedly for your pup and making sure that you have everything well arranged – from making sure that you have stocked up on the right food to looking for designer dog collars from somewhere like I Woof, the time is nearly here to collect your new furry friend!

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Here are a few tips for making sure that you get him settled into your home and family as easily as possible…


Make sure that your home has been puppy proofed. This is sort of like thinking of how to make sure the home is safe for a toddler. In much the same way a young puppy will be into everything so make sure that harmful substances, as well as things like cables and wires are out of the way before your puppy comes home.

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Once you bring your pup into the house, he may be a little nervous as it is all new to him, so make sure you have a calm room he can be in to start with and resist letting all the family pile in to see him especially if you have over excited kids who may be quite loud!


Make sure you have everything in place where it will stay and don’t move it – puppies like routine so keep food and water bowls in a place that is good for the long term.