What Does an Excavator Do?

May 29, 2021 5:05 am


An excavator is the heavy equipment used to dig up dirt and remove soil and rocks, usually over large areas. In its most basic form, an excavator combines a wheeled base with a huge bucket for scooping and collecting earth or other stuff that’s been shoveled. Excavators are reliable, powerful  and more often used for residential construction projects but can also be found in mining.

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The most important thing to know when it comes to what an excavator does is that it basically removes dirt and rubble. Specifically, excavators are used for both digging up dirt and grading land, though there are some differences between the two. Grading involves the process of leveling out a newly constructed site, usually by excavating part of the site and then grading the remaining part, while excavation involves the actual digging of trenches and removing soil. Whether you’re grading, excavating, or just adding dirt to a site, it’s important to know what kind of excavator you need for your project. For help with Excavator Hire, visit https://greenshaulageandplant.uk/

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If you want to get the job done quickly and efficiently, you may need an excavator. These are very popular for construction projects because they are very versatile and can do almost anything you need them to. If you have a large construction project in mind or are looking to turn a personal or public space into a new office, you may need to hire a backhoe, as backhoes are extremely useful for digging and moving soil, grading roads and excavating large areas.