Get your Office Feeling Better Brighter Happier and More Productive

December 2, 2020 12:19 pm


A good workplace is somewhere that is full of energy – it is productive and dynamic. Unfortunately, there are many workplaces that feel the opposite of that! So, what can a manager do to make the workplace a better place to be as well as a more productive place…


Lighting has a huge effect on the human body. The effects of lots of natural daylight is hugely beneficial to us. If possible, try to get the place where you work lighter and brighter. If you aren’t lucky enough to have loads of natural daylight or feel that in the winter months it can be a bit dark, why not get some special daylight effect bulbs.

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Something else that can affect the productivity of people in the workplace is comfort. Make sure that everyone is working at a desk that is good for their posture, and if you have furniture that is past its best, maybe it is time for an upgrade! Shop reception chairs and office chairs to make sure staff aren’t suffering from back and neck pains!

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Teamwork is another great part of a happy office environment. Organising team events is a good way to bond the team together. This is difficult during the pandemic and having to follow social distancing, but team quizzes done via zoom are a good way to keep everyone together during this difficult time.