What are the benefits of Wood flooring?

May 11, 2020 3:32 pm


It is time to face the reality of the situation. It’s time to say goodbye to that manky old carpet. However, rather than just get like for like why don’t you consider something a bit different. Why don’t you get a nice bit of Wood Flooring instead?

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What are the benefits of wood flooring? First of all a hardwood floor is a lot cooler in the summertime. With the world getting warmer do you really need that bit of shag pile on the floor? Wood allows for the heat to escape easier than carpet that retains it. Wood flooring is also a lot easier to clean. It has a veneer coating that can be stain repellent. It means that whatever is dropped or deposited on the floor can usually be wiped clean.

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It will not discolour like a carpet will or have a stain that you just can’t remove no matter how many times you apply a cleaning agent or get something like a professional cleaner in. If you have kids and pets this makes it a very good investment. It will also last a lot ong than carpet which can easily get ripped or pulled up by a cat or dog.